Sunday, January 2, 2011

sweet reunion

wow's been like...forever! ahhhhhhhhhhhh. did you miss me as much as this little guy did?
yes, now my butt has officially been plastered on the internet.
but there's a cute cat involved, so it's ok, right?

so just to kind of update all of you, we have been in arizona. we spent christmas with my family (my parents are down here, and my grandma is staying with them), and it was so much fun! I love spending holidays with my family ♥ since the monday after christmas, we've been training for our new jobs, which is code for being thrown right into the thick of things. honestly though, that can be the best way to learn stuff so it's all good with us. our company has been so nice to us, we still feel like we're in some kind of dreamland and we'll wake up at any moment!

we went back to my parents' house and spent the weekend with them, and got to see our little kitty! he's been staying at their house while we worked away for the week so he can be looked after and still get attention when we're gone. my parents have dogs, so it's been quite the little experiment. when we left a week ago he wouldn't even go out of our room. when we came back he was even venturing out into the living room with the dogs right there! he's still really on edge, but he's progressed a lot during the week. this gives us hope that someday we can get a dog!

josh totally has retracto head in this picture, so just ignore that.
he was smothering the cat on the bed right after we got back.

well i need to go to sleep so i can wake up tomorrow, but i will try my hardest to be better at blogging this week! everytime i was like *i need to blog!* something would happen, like going to eat food, staying late at work, being so exhausted it was all i could do to wash my face before falling into bed, etc. so if you're actually reading this and you haven't totally forgot about me, thank you. i love you too. ♥ haha ;)


Emily said...

Finally! I was going through withdrawals. Now get your butt back to Utah!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

hahaha aaw silly kitty! they just have no sense of propriety, do they? :P

congrats again on the new jobs! dont' worry - i'll be here waiting semi-patiently. i had some nutty times at work the last few weeks, and it's been tough on the blogfront too. it'll all get straightened out, eventually. :)

leyla said...

Haven't forgotten you, welcome back :)

My cat has decided that my chest is a really good place to lay. I have a few pictures...but I won't be posting those. Lol.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Aw kitties. I think mine are jealous of my pup, poor things.