Wednesday, December 1, 2010

scrooge is taking the plunge...

Ok, so you may have seen this on some other blogs, but Shutterfly is doing an amazing promo for bloggers! Blog about their wonderful Christmas cards and get 50 cards for free! So by doing this publicly on my blog, I am taking the plunge and I'm going to send out Christmas cards. At least 50 of them. Wish me luck! hahaha.

So, Shutterfly has over 800 different templates to choose from for your Christmas cards, and they are all awesome! I had a hard time picking my favorite, so I picked a few:

[click picture for link]
wouldn't this look all cute, like a christmas present? of my face? love it

this looks expensive. and fancy. it might be a little too classy for us, but i might try it out! we shall see...

i think this one might be my favorite, because it's cute and youthful. like us, right? haha

so what do you think? which one is your favorite? click here to see all of them. i love shutterfly, they are awesome and they have so many options it's insane. if we ever have a baby, or if any of my friends have a baby, i will be searching through these birth announcements. making birthday invitations? they've got awesome templates for those too. and of course, holiday cards. other cool things shutterfly can do? photobooks! we did one of these from our wedding and i love it. we got a few of them and gave them to our parents as a present. i mean, what's better than showing off your attractive children with a book you put on your coffee table for bragging rights!? am i right or am i right?!

anyways, i am so excited to get these lovely christmas cards. maybe if i like you, you'll be getting one in the mail. actually, i only get 50 so we'll have to see who makes the cut ;) haha. are you a blogger? check out this offer here!! now go forth and be merry, by sending the best christmas cards around!! you want your card to make the fridge cut, right? then check these out, stat!!


Anonymous said...

I want a christmas card! Haha! Lol :)


Meg said...

I love the last one! What a great promo, I may have to take advantage of this...I got something in the mail from Shutterfly the other day, but just threw it out, I bet this is what is was.

Amanda said...

What a great deal! I have yet to send out Christmas cards - perhaps this is the year to start :)

Meg said...

thanks for sharing! i was on the verge of spending $150 at for holiday cards. but this deal is pretty tempting!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

this is aaaaaaawesome!

um i totally want to send you one of these christmas cards i bought this weekend. it's not a photo of me, but it IS hilarious and magical, just in a different way.