Tuesday, November 16, 2010

top 5 of the day

1. anderson cooper is a stud (i hope josh ages like that!)

2. i feel so bad for people who get migraines regularly (i dont even want to think about it!)

3. early christmas presents make a rough day a whole lot better (who am i kidding, they make any day better...haha)

4. jay-z is cute, but when he wakes me up from me trying to sleep off my first migraine ever, it makes me want to put him in a straight jacket (don't come after me PETA!!)

5. in conjunction w/#3, i love betsey johnson. and my new purse (rawr!)


Emily said...

i just found out the headaches i get are migraines! i would always have to sleep them off in the dark and stuff-- anyway, i was at the doctor for something else a while back and he asked me if i got headaches. i told him i do and i go blind in my left eye. he stared at me like i was a moron and said, "that's a migraine." sorry i just wrote a whole blog as a comment...cute purse and i love you!

Anonymous said...

That purse is sooooo cute!!! I want one!! :) And I am totally with you on the early Christmas present thing... totally... :)


kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

ooof no good on the migranes! i had one once at a tori amos concert (of course the only one i've ever been to with a fricken' LAZER show!). i almost yakked in a church. not cool.

BUT. the new bag? waaaaay cool! get down wit your bad self, lady. it's so funky! i'm jealous. :P but in a good way.

Heather Taylor said...

Anderson Cooper is quite the silver fox. In ah-greement full on.