Friday, August 27, 2010

she & him recap

the show was AMAZING!! zooey and m. ward were awesome and it was so much fun. they sang a ton of songs, her voice is gorgeous, and of course SHE is gorgeous!! we were so close i was like *ahhhh, zooey!!!* it was incredible. in the middle of the show, in between songs, they stopped and matt joked, "we just found out there are over 560,000 people here!" i looked it up today because i knew that wasn't right, and apparently there were around 30,000 people there.

this picture is by my friend sarah. the rest are mine.

arent they cute?

she is adorable!

shannon, sarah, me, and emily! so fun!


these videos arent awesome, but they're as good as i could get with my camera. we werent supposed to take pics or videos but everyone was of course. so no one sue me for these!! haha


Anonymous said...

LOVE her! :) So jealous!!!

Melissa said...

Oh yay, it looks like such a very fun time!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures -- at the 9:30 club show, they were really strict about cameras, so I wasn't able to get any.

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Anonymous said...

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Elaine said...

Hhow fun!!!! I'm sooo jealous!

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MiVidaAsi said...

Jess. AH! thats all i can say. twas grand.

Isabel said...


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