Wednesday, August 4, 2010

i heart csn

remember our lovely friend csn? you know, the awesome online stores that offer EVERYTHING from dining room furniture to pet furniture to rugs, etc! yes, i heart csn. to switch it up, this time csn offered and i chose to do a product review.

the last time i went to visit my parents, i saw that my mother had this amazing piece of bakeware. it was a silicone mat that she could bake cookies on, throw it in the oven with the cookies on it, have the cookies slide right off when they were done, and then rinse the mat off with warm water. i was amazed. she said nothing ever sticks to it or burns. ever since i saw that i have been wanting one. DUH, of course csn has the answer. i found a few different silicone baking products i want to try out, and i will let you know if they measure up!

stay tuned for a future post that holds my csn product review(s)!

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