Wednesday, July 7, 2010

if i were rich...

alternate title: all the loot i would buy on etsy. for your viewing pleasure. cash donations always accepted. ♥

bumblebee swing dancing dress. $78. [i love all things from this seller]

1980s wedges. $36. im trying to figure out how to convince josh i need these.

san francisco overcoat. $135. ive wanted this FOREVER!

kate towers dress. $alot. as you may know, i'm obsessed w/kate towers.

henry. $56. so cute! we want to name a future child henry. think its a sign?

absinthe one piece. $140. ah-may-zing.

do you love all these too? obviously theres like a billion things on etsy i'd like to buy, but these are some current ones. i love talented people, dont you?

ps: i made a treasury of pretty things i like. some of the above are included.


{eleise} said...

I agree! I would buy all of those too!

Lisa said...

I'm not a huge yellow wearer, but I think I need those shoes and that kate towers dress...those were my FAVS!

Darci said...

If I were rich I would buy all of those too...wait I can't fit into any of them and who knows when I will be able to...shoot.

Anonymous said...

i love all of the vintage! sooo cool! i definitely think the bird is a sign... :)


Leigh Viner said...

If I were too!! Such great finds thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend! xo