Sunday, June 20, 2010

off to be rugged...

hi. reminder this week that i will be:

as a parting gift, and something to both entertain and educate, i leave you this:

[i originally found it on elsies blog]

and umm hi, can i just have awesome clothes and play dress up and tea party with my friends all the time like this girl does? [jealous alert!] i would prefer that to hiking and camping in the woods for the week. if anyone could arrange that i would really appreciate it.

ps: i made a button for my blog. its on that sidebar over thurr <---------. take one if you want, i wont be offended either way.

pps: happy fathers day daddy-o. you're awesome ♥


Liv said...

I'm so hormonal today. That pug video almost made me cry.

Yea for recycling!

angie said...

Hope you are checking've won my Shabby Apple Giveaway, but only have 24 hours to claim. Please contact me asap.