Friday, June 25, 2010

i'm baaaack!

but only for the weekend. then it's off to camping again. for five more weeks to be precise. ugh. anyways, this week wasnt terrible. now that i am getting in better shape the job is a bit more enjoyable. i can hike without dying. speaking of hiking, we hiked about 14 miles this past week. not a ton, but that was in two and a half days. on monday we just got the trailer set up and then went and looked at projects that have been done (stream restoration, wetlands created, etc). that was pretty fun, except i got sunburnt BAD. since we were just looking at stuff i didnt even think to put sunscreen on. thankfully my coworker had brought ocean potion, which i slathered on for the rest of our trip.

one of my favorite moments of the week was that we made smores. i bought smores stuff, and at the grocery store in kamas they had HUGE marshmallows. like, as big as my fist [no joke]. it was insane. since we didnt feel like lighting a fire this particular night, we cooked them over the gas range. they were delicious. although we found that the huge marshmallows might have been a mistake. they were so big that we had to use full graham crackers. all the rest in the little pack were already broken by the time i'd finished cooking my marshmallow, so i got 4 half pieces. bad idea.

warning: i look DISGUSTING/disturbing in this picture (i was laughing). but this is how messy eating the smore was. actually, it was messier, but you get the idea:

so altogether, the week was pretty good. i slipped and fell in the stream on tuesday and hit my knee on a rock pretty bad (and since then my leg below the knee feels kinda messed up) but im sure its nothing major. i have a nice little bruise where it hit the rock though. and since that day ive been scared to cross streams, because i'm nervous i'll fall in again. wouldnt you know it, on wednesday i stepped on a rock in the stream and it slipped right out from under me. at least this time only my one foot fell in and got soaking wet. ahh, the life of being rugged...

anyways, that was my week at work camping. i should have taken more pictures of stuff. i'll take my camera this next week. it was heavenly to come home to a nice hot shower (and presents in the mail! i'll fill you in tomorrow).

stay tuned for a ROCKIN GIVEAWAY tomorrow!!! [you won't want to miss it!]

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liz canaan roberts said...

that sunburn's gonna turn to tan girl and you are gonna be super in shape too. jealous. especially of those smores.

cupcake cutie said...

they look so yummy..
i wanna make some soon!!!
have fun camping again girly


Barry said...

mmmmmm smores
(in my Homer Simpson voice)