Sunday, June 27, 2010

hey homies

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i have to go camping AGAIN. and i just got a cold. awesome, huh?

also, is anyone watching the bet awards? chris brown, while still a scumbag, is definitely winning points back tonight. i didnt realize he could dance so well. after tonight everyone will be back to loving him and thinking he is all cute and young and innocent. nevermind the fact that he beats women. as josh said after chris brown attempted to sing man in the mirror: "yeah chris bout you attempt that change..."

i will say though, props to him for doing such a good tribute to michael jackson. we love mj in this household. if you havent seen "this is it" yet, you really need to. go watch it NOW. [i believe it's streaming on netflix!]

r.i.p. mj. we ♥ you. when i had to be knocked out for a...procedure...and took propofol? i thought of you. you're welcome. also, i want to steal your wardrobe. those peaked sleeved jackets?? yes please!

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1 comment:

Andhari said...

I should totally youtube that. I didn't watch BET awards :D

But I still don't like that woman beater.