Monday, May 31, 2010

craft fair recap

we drove up to ogden on saturday for a local craft fair called Localicious. besides the long drive, it was pretty fun. in this picture we had just finished setting up, and then just had to wait around (we got there a little earlier than we had to, but we got a good location). the weather looked crappy so we considered renting a canopy. the clouds were looking nasty so we decided yes. the $25 for the canopy was well worth it, since it started pouring, and then rained off and on all morning. unfortunately the weather deterred people, but there were still customers. in the afternoon it starting getting nice. we shared a table w/our friend livia (see her etsy here!) which was awesome, because she's super nice and funny and she lives in ogden so she got all her friends to come out! [she got the pink recycling onesie for her little baby, so cute!!]

all in all it was a pretty fun day and it was a really good learning experience (as our first craft fair). people generally liked our stuff and we handed out a ton of business cards. we made back the money we put in, and a little extra (hallelujah!). we are thinking we want to do the provo farmers market this summer. they get a lot of traffic and plus there's like a billion people w/babies, and a lot of girls who will want to wear our headbands. i mean, who wouldn't want a cute headband, right? ♥

ps: i just sent out a resume and forgot to delete the part of my email signature w/my blog address. hopefully if they visit the blog they'll be impressed w/all my rugged posts, right? hahaha (oops)


Liv said...

I'm glad you're not totally disappointed with the craft fair. I bet you'll make a killing at the Provo market. There are babies EVERYWHERE who need your cute stuff!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

Great job everyone!!! congrats! - k

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Yay that's awesome!

Darci said...

Hey! That's me!!