Sunday, April 25, 2010

new and old...

hello! yes, i am now a college graduate. i'll do a post on it, but i need to get pictures off my dads camera first. in other news, i went out with my parents yesterday and stopped by a yard sale and two antique shops. here are some of my finds!

vintage suitcase. i think it was actually a typewriter case.
it will be perfect to house my crafts.

vintage apron! with roosters! i ♥ it

they are cross-stitched on. how cool?!

awesome frame for $1. hollaa.

for "new" things, i have started working on some onesies for the store. i havent had much time for them yet (w/finals, etc), so i've only completed 1.5. here they are, tell me if you like them!!

this one will also say "go green" on the butt.
we want to do some w/birds, lego blocks, sailboats, etc

cute, right? alsoooo, i am thinking about possibly adding a "love your vintage" line to our shop. what do you think? i have two pairs of shoes (along w/other things) that i want to sell. they are adorable and i wish i had smaller feet! i bought these [with intent to sell] back when i went thrifting in arizona.

size 6, good vintage condition

update: this last pair is SOLD!
size 7, good vintage condition. i think they fit more like a 7.5.
i could always sell them on ebay, but i think they would sell on etsy.

so there are some old and some new things. i found a lot of other cool things yesterday that will be used for future projects, so keep on the look out for them! happy sunday ♥


Darci said...

Um, I say yes to the vintage thing, and what I say matters most...because I am your bff and its my shop too haha :)
Also, I am so excited for the pillowcase thing, I am going to practice on some cheap-o ones first so I don't ruin the vintage ones...
Oh and I love you :)

Liv said...

Vintage is definitely an okay addition.

And seriously. You're going to hate me because I'm doing freezer-decal onesies.

How about I stick with themes like rock climbing and yoga and you call dibs on being green? hee hee

Elizabeth Marie said...


I have been meaning to say that forevers.

Nancy said...

I love, love the recycling onsie!!!

rubi said...

that suitcase is awesome.
our apartment has tons of storage space but its all exposed shelves so we put everything inside vintage suitcases so that you wont see all out junk, just pretty old suitcases.
(we bought them all in the west coast though bc one suitcase here is at least &40)

yours truly dear said...

i love that idea rubi. this one was 12 bucks, which i figured was ok. it might have been on sale but i cant remember. either way i really like it ♥