Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BESTeam feature: Paradise Purls

I have joined an Etsy group called Boosting Etsy Shops Team. So far it's been great and everyone offers a ton of support. As a member of the team, I get to feature a fellow member every week right here on the blog. So without further ado, here's introducing...Elizabeth from Paradise Purls!!

What's your favorite color?
blue....love, love, love blues. Just ask any of my family members or friends, everything I buy is blue. lol!

What inspires you?
Natural beauty inspires me...sunsets, the ocean, flowers, etc. I see the colors of these things and ideas jump into my head! Regarding knitting, a wonderfully colored or handpainted skein of yarn inspires me. I can picture what my finished product will look like and then I can't wait to get going on the project!

What do you love most about what you do?
Honestly, I started knitting in the beginning as a tool to relax. It works! It makes me slow down and just chill (I'm normally pretty wound up and busy!). As I've evolved in the craft, I take great pleasure in finishing projects and giving them as gifts to my friends and family. Everyone seems to be so happy with the gifts, it makes me feel really good.

Is Etsy part-time, full-time, or hobby for you? How do you balance it with everything else?
Etsy is a part-time business venture for me. I'm a SAHM (stay at home mom) who is reveling in something to call my own. I'm committed to getting my business up and running, and eventually taking it full time. I do most of my work for my shop while the kids are at school so it doesn't conflict with family time.

What are your top favorite blogs or websites?
Favorite web site: www.ravelry.com Favorite blog: www.rantsfrommommyland.com

What are your current projects?
Right now, on my needles, I'm have a cotton baby hat and a cotton washcloth. I'm also working on beaded bookmarks, and felting soap kits. I usually have multiple projects going at once...I like variety! [jess does too!]

How did you get started w/your Etsy shop?
I opened shop on etsy because so many friends and family kept telling me I should sell my knits. A friend mentioned etsy (which at the time I had never heard of), and I was hooked!

Paradise Purls has been generous enough to offer 10% off any purchase if you write "jesssentme" in the notes to seller during checkout!

where to find paradise purls (go check this lovely lady out!!):


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful feature, thank you so much! <3

Andhari said...

I love the earrings in the last picture. How talented!:)