Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BESTeam feature: leo & junie

today i have a wonderful shop to introduce to you! welcome to the etsy shop leo and junie. this shop has nature inspired pieces, vintage pieces, and all around lovely jewelry. some of my favorite things (especially w/all the bright colors and nature themes).

What's your favorite color?
I don't really have one favorite! Orange (happy), green (earthy ), and blue (serene)

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What inspires you?
My flower gardens and my Mom's flower gardens. She taught me everything I know about gardening. My Mom's backyard is a safe haven for birds and some wildlife. All the vibrant colors of the flowers and birds are incorporated into most of my jewelry.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love finding beads, learning new skills, sketching designs, and then bringing them to a finished piece with my bare hands. My jewelry designs are SO diverse. My Etsy shop is just a small piece of what kind of jewelry I make. I started about 6 years ago making gemstone and sterling silver jewelry. I became very active with eBay and had my own store there for years. I made hair accessories, name bracelets/necklaces, and beaded jewelry. I moved to working with metals and hand-stamping silver. Then I found Etsy. I was intrigued. I investigated about the website. During this time, I found some vintage beads (about 2 years ago) in a store when I was on vacation and the rest is history. I started buying on Etsy and then decided to sell there. I love all things vintage! I love buying vintage beads that are, in a sense, brand new even though they are old! It so cool how I've blossomed over the years in my designs.

Is Etsy part-time, full-time, or hobby for you? How do you balance it with everything else?
Ahhh, let's see...Etsy really feels like a full-time job! I just opened shop mid January 2010 although I had the name, Leo and Junie, since the end of 2008. I am able to spend a lot of time promoting my shop, because I work part-time per diem. I usually tweet in the morning or evening when I get a chance. I have two kids (11 and 5) and they know all about my jewelry business and know that this is Mommy's job too. My daughter keeps me company sometimes and beads with me. She loves to design her own bracelets!

What are your top favorite blogs or websites?
I check craftcult.com pretty much everyday for my stats and to look at treasuries in "the vault". I love reading scoutiegirl.com and indiefixx.com. I also like finding blogs about vintage stuff.

What are your current projects?
A local trendy vintage buy/sell shop, NOMAD, is selling my jewelry and hair accessories. I've also been making new jewelry with vintage beads. Look out for lots of flowers and bird stuff to be listed soon!

Upcoming special: Leo and Junie is offering free shipping on May 1st for her birthday! [happy early birthday!]

Leo & Junie's corners of the world:


Nina said...

Such pretty and feminine jewelry!

yours truly dear said...

i know, i love the rings!

Leo and Junie said...

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the interview!

Miss Pretty Perfect Handbags said...

Loving your style of featuring :) And I love her style design for her pieces.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!!! I absolutely love that twig necklace with the leaf and flower!!!