Thursday, March 18, 2010

shopping adventures w/the lover

i finagled juji (the husband) into letting me go shopping today. it was pretty stealth of me, if i do say so myself. we went and had dinner at noodles & co, since i had a coupon for a free meal (for my birfday). then we went to the beloved mall. i havent been there in so long i got lost inside. we went to forever 21 and i found a cardigan thing and a vest-y thing. both adorable, can't wait to wear them!

now, when i go to forever 21, i always walk through so that the accessories are my last thing to look at. also, i am slightly obsessed with nail polish lately. and forever 21 nail polish is surprisingly good. it dries super fast, looks great, and doesnt chip easily. and its only $2.80 a bottle (i should be a spokesperson, i know). so i picked up a sparkly purple color and then went to the checkout.


you see, forever 21 is smart, and put more colors of nail polish by the registers. so i pinked up a pretty bubble gum pink. cue juji rolling his eyes at me. then i see a pretty red, and i never wear red. like, i have never worn red nail polish in my entire life. its just not a good color for me clothes-wise and ive always been a little intimidated of it. so i added it to the pile. cue juji going jessssss!!!


after i was done checking out i just turned and said what? i havent gone shopping in ages!! and you know what he said?

well you didnt have to buy 3 pink nail polishes. umm...juji? they were three different colors. nice try, mr color blind ♥


Darci said...

Okay, let me just say this, Josh needs to get himself tested...
Also, I am so glad you admit to getting lost in the mall because EVERY TIME I go there...WITHOUT FAIL...I get lost. Jeff always corrects me. I really shouldn't go there without him. It is a confusing layout...

yours truly dear said...

it is!! there are too many wings! i led josh out in the annex thinking there was a shoe store down there...nope.

Liv said...

Hee hee

Sometimes I have to ask Kev what color my clothes are. It's hard to tell!

And by the way, I'm in love with red nail polish. Wearing it right now on fingers and toes!