Saturday, March 20, 2010

hair secrets

thats why her hair is so big. its full of secrets! -mean girls

ok, so lately i have been getting a lot of comments about my hair, much to my surprise. i mean i love my hair, but its different when other people make comments about it too. ive even had people ask to touch it because it looks so soft. and then i awkwardly go "umm...ok" and sit there while they caress my hair. but anyways, since people have been asking about it so much i decided to just do a little blog about it.

so, my number one hair secret is....i never wash it. i maybe wash it once every 3 months. sometimes four months. ok, thats a lie, but i'm just preparing you so you're less grossed out when i tell you the truth. i only wash my hair once a week. thats the truth. and i really think it has a lot to do with how my hair looks. i dye and straighten and sometimes blow dry my hair and yet everytime i go in to get it done the hairdressers always say how healthy my hair is. i was just blessed with not really getting greasy hair, so i can go a week without washing it. and i dont work out or sweat or roll in dirt, so its never really gross. if you do have greasy hair, theres hair powder you can use. i have also heard that corn starch works, and doesnt appear white or anything (like baby powder can).

now, on to the products i use. i am a big paul mitchell fan. i wash my hair with paul mitchell's color protect shampoo and conditioner. i also use their super charged moisturizer, which helps with my dry scalp and my tangly hair. after i get out the shower i put a whole bunch of gunk in my hair:

super skinny serum (closes your cuticle to help get it nice and straight)
quick slip (helps w/styling, and reduces drying time--a big plus since my hair takes FOREVER to blow dry)
regis designline 'press it' (heat protection for blowdrying, etc)
and then after its dry, before i straighten it, regis designline 'get it pressed' (heat protection/styling for straightening)

i love all of these products. the regis ones are only sold in regis salons, and they work really well. i highly recommend them. when i let my hair air dry (usually twice a month) i still use all the products, to help it be more manageable. and i always straighten my hair, so heat protection stuff is
important. i use an ionic hair straightener that i bought at sally's. a professional hair straightener will make a world of difference in your life. i know, cuz i used to use the cheap-o hot tools or conair types, and my hair was only reduced to a a slighty-poofy mess (vs full blown frizzy afro).

speaking of hair straighteners, the lovely blog CREATE has a giveaway right now for an awesome hana-hana pink pro flat iron. click here to see details and enter!

anyways, thats pretty much all i do for my hair. only wash it once a week, blow dry it about 2 times a month, straighten it all the time, and use a ton of product. also, you should regularly get your hair trimmed (like every 6-10 weeks) and
always get your color done at a salon. box color will fry your hair and you will have serious damage. dont do that to yourself. even just go to a hair school and have them do it so it will be cheaper, but your hair will love your for it. i promise.

what are your hair secrets? ♥

[ps idk why the text size is all messed up, sorry!]


Betsy said...

Hahaha I touched your hair the other day. :-) I love Paul Mitchell too! I use the quickslip and the super skinny. Love them and love you!

xoxoKrysten said...

I am so jealous. I wash my hair pretty much every day. I have to, it turns so greasy otherwise.

Whenever I go to get my hair done I always get, "Wow, do you wash/straighten/blow dry your hair every day? That's so bad for it!"

yours truly dear said...

oh my gosh krysten i would slap them! hahaha. and dont worry betsy, you arent the only one to touch my hair :]

sharon said...

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