Monday, March 22, 2010

party like its your...

...birthday! remember when lila was born 2 years ago? and she was this little?

yesterday we went to josh's parents for a combined birthday party. it was lila's birthday last week (she turned 2, crazy!) and its mine tomorrow. we had so much fun, and all the kids were adorable ♥

lila after blowing out the candles

josh snapped this of me

opening presents

sunny putting on the bib i made lila

she loved it! (when she was modeling for the shop she couldnt get over the bibs, so i knew she'd like her own ♥)

she kept it on, so cute

little griffin!! he was being sooooo cute!

josh cant take pictures very well sometimes hahaha

at home, kitty was all curled up. he is adorable (duh). we brought home a helium balloon from the party and kitty loved attacking the string hanging down. its like a play toy without us having to swing it around. we should always have one around! haha. i took a video of it but it's sideways and i dont know how to rotate it. booo.


Darci said...

That first picture is adorable! She was so tiny! I am excited for your birthday. I didn't know your mom was coming, yay!

rubi said...

happy birthday!