Monday, January 11, 2010


so, i wanted to put this on my list of new years "goals," but i was too afraid to...(for fear of failure)

im trying to eat healthier.

yikes...i know. ive probably said this before somewhere on the blog and failed miserably. i have this one little problem: i am obsessed with sugar. i mean addicted. whatever you want to call it, i just cant live without it.

i have always been this way. in fact, if i could get back all the money ive spent on candy in my entire life, i would be rich. isnt that pathetic? also, for my bridal shower like almost 2 years ago, i got this candy dish. i was like aww this is cute, and such a good idea, etc etc. NO. it has been the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!!! sometimes [read: almost every day] i'll even just carry the dish over with me to the couch and just sit there watching tv and eating candy. yes, it has gotten out of control... [if the person who gave me this is reading, hello, and thanks for making me fat!]

today i have not yet had any candy (except a piece of gum but that doesnt count, right?). the only unhealthy thing ive eaten all day is a little bag of lays potato chips. i even ate fruits and vegetables. it was weird. anyways, my new goal for the candy dish is to keep it full of fruit snacks and stuff (sorry to any potential guests who might cry and say where are the smarties!?). of course, i could abandon this in like a week because i will be going crazy, but for now its the plan.

cheers [with all-natural-fruit-smoothies of course!]


Kimberly said...

Try de-tox tea and antioxidant juices. They help with the withdrawl. Experience speaking. :) Good luck.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I need to do this too...ahhhh. Want a buddy?

Im eating a cupcake RIGHT NOW. I suck.

yours truly dear said...

yes! i need other people to keep me going. and dang...a cupcake sounds GOOD!!

Andhari said...

I feel you! I can't tear myself away from ice creams ( I'm ok with candies but ice creams? noooo )

Gemma Louise said...

Ha! im right there with you! god i have such a soft spot for sugar! it a curse I swear! I'm on the special K diet, I went to drink pepsi, couldn't drink it, I felt so sickly after a couple of sips! so it seems to be working and keeping me off sugar, for now. xxx

Istvan said...

I'm a vegetarian and I've been battling the same problem. I eat about 5 pints of Haagen Dazs a week! But I was reading an article in Vegetarian Times and it helped me out. I've been buying easy to make and eat vegetables like artichokes and carrots which taste super good and I'll enjoy eating. Also, buying avocados, they go bad fast, so you're kinda forced into eating them, haha.