Tuesday, December 8, 2009

yay ♥

first of all, two years ago from today josh proposed to me. (awwww). thats what we looked like 2 years ago. we only get hotter with age.

today i had my last presentation of the semester. thank goodness!!! it went really well and i was happy with it. at the end when everyone was clapping i curtsyed and everyone laughed.

later i saw the professor and he said that we did a great job and he really liked our presentation. then i was talking to him about my future and stuff, blah blah blah. and i told him i was thinking about grad school, but that no one would want me. this is the convo:

prof: who wouldn't want you as a student?
me: i dont know...
prof: your grades are pretty good, right?
me: meh...so so. i have a 3.25
prof: that's good enough!
me: for byu even?
prof: yes! anyone would be lucky to have you as a grad student!

the whole time i was thinking about last year when that one teacher told me my gpa was bad and that no credible grad school would accept me, etc. take that you nasty teacher!!

[disclaimer: i am only thinking of grad school right now. just putting the feelers out. we'll see what happens...]

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angelina la dawn said...

happy engagement anniversary! you guys are cute! (ps, my hubby's name is josh and we have 2 kitties.)