Tuesday, November 3, 2009

what i can't live without

[besides joshua being first, everything else is in no particular order!]

-joshua. the love of my life, literally. not to make anyone gag or anything, but seriously. i honestly dont know what i would do without him.

-candy. im sort of addicted. at least i didnt write meth or something here, right? yikes...

-moisturizer. specifically, clinique's moisture surge. greatest invention ever. im sort of obsessed.

-tv. especially good tv. like project runway, antm, judge judy, family guy, parks & recreation, etc

-fashion. i may not look like it every day, but i love fashion. love love love it. good clothes, good shoes, good bags, good accessories, good makeup. ♥
-blogs. i love blogs. everytime my computer is open josh looks over and goes, "what are you looking at?" and before i answer, he answers for me in a paris-hilton-type-voice "looking at blogs..."

-family and friends. they make life worth living for♥

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Juji said...

He can't resist this....he can't resist this....he tryin' to resist this but it ain't gone ha-ppen!
hahaha. I am funny.

Andhari said...

I think you're practically my soul sister. Fashion, tv, and blogs? High five!:)