Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaBloPoMo and this weekend

hi. it's november. yikes. this semester has flown by.

there's this thing called NaBloPoMo, which means National Blog Posting Month. you post every day for a month. and im gonna do it. so here goes :]

this weekend i went and saw the sounds in concert with my friend sarah. they were awesome. i love them. ive seen them before in concert and they were good then too, so i knew it would be worth going. and...i have to admit i have a girl crush on maja, the lead singer. she is hot, that's all there is to it.

[girl crush: you admire a girl super bad and basically want to be her. i also have one on zooey deschanel]
*pictures from sarah. except for the one that looks like it was taken farther away, since it was taken on my camera phone. shotty, i know.

oh, and i met chet. you know, the mormon from the real world? i look absolutely disgusting in this picture, because i was just dancing my booty off and being squished by hot sweaty teenagers from all sides. it was worth it though.

anyways, that was my friday night. we had so much fun. by the end i was completely drenched in sweat. (which made it kind of embarassing to have chet put his arm around me in this picture, but whatever). i went home and immediately took a shower (setting a record for myself by showering twice in the same day. weird, i know).

last night we had friends over for a halloween party. we went to pirate island, which was just ok. we had fun with our friends though. i think it would be more fun to go to with little kids. sunny and jackson, you ready to go? :]


Darci said...

I am still jealous you met Chet.

yours truly dear said...

muah ha ha ha ha

Andhari said...

Wow nablopomo, good luck. I would try again next time, I failed a couple of months ago lol

And I love concerts!!! I like the energy and just jump up and down, singing your favorite songs. Had one last weekend as well :)

Ps. Zooey Deschanel is so great, I have a crush on her too!

MiVidaAsi said...

omg i was there did you see me?! haha

yours truly dear said...

sarah, you were there!?!?! omg small world!