Friday, November 20, 2009

another poll, i like these ♥

i liked having people tell me about their fave foundation. (as a result, i might try out bare minerals, we shall see...) so, i have another question for you. what do you feel about nail polish? you like it, you think its immature, you think its...[fill in the blank]?

personally i love nail polish. growing up i would get embarassed to wear it (for some reason i do not understand) and i didnt start wearing it til my later years in high school, and my nails are almost always polished since then. i bought professional base coat, top coat, cuticle nourisher, etc like what they use at the salon. i love it. i always have a great manicure without paying for it :]

so, let me know what you think, and if you have any favorites!


Liv said...

i recently fell back in love with painting my nails. i was hard-core in junior high but stopped when i moved to maine.

now i'm all about bright red, deep purples, and clear coats. a girlfriend of mine won a pedicure kit and surprised me with it, so i use the lotions and salt scrubs and stuff like that.

Amy Eagleston said...

I love nail polish and always have. I believe that toe nails should ALWAYS be painted and even with two kids and all the craziness of my life mine are always painted...even if they don't look perfect. My finger nails don't fair as well but I do try. I love OPI. I don't know why. I just do!

Andhari said...

I think nail polish is awesome. I love painting my nails deep red especially if I have special events. I can't do my nails myself though so I usually go to nail salon :(

Honeybee said...

I LOVE nail polish! I am addicted to classic french manicure on my fingers and shimmery pink on my toes. My favorite brand is OPI and I mostly only have that. A few years ago i made myself get rid of all of my cheap stuff. I also am a fan of doing my own manicures/pedicures, but a splurge at the salon is sounding better and better these days.

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Because of my job, I generally don't bother painting my fingers because they just chip right away. HOWEVER, I love painting my toes!