Saturday, October 3, 2009

three is a good number

Your last FB/Twitter update:
"bedtime, what's that?"

3 TV/Movie character you can relate with:

1. the chick from Confessions of a Shopaholic. i have a shopping obsession.
2. Angela from The Office, because i like the way she dresses haha
3. amy poehler on Baby Mama, because she dresses cute and she's funny.

3 countries on your travel list

Hit the shuffle on your Ipod-list out the first 3 songs:
Little Shadow--Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Gold Guns Girls--Metric
The Only Ones--The Sounds

3 daily must-haves
cell phone
cute clothes

3 things you are confused about.
-why the movie 'the invention of lying' was not very good
-friends who arent really your friends
-why me and dorris didnt win sequence tonight

Browse your DVD rack or bookshelf-pull three out at random:
best in show
pans labyrinth

3 things you wish you'd known earlier
1. dont drink milk. it gives me the farts.
2. how to do my hair. i didnt figure that out til college really
3. dont be stupid.

If you had to date a celebrity who would it be?
lance bass. hahaha just kidding. ummmm... jake gylenhaal (sp?), because he's cute and i like his sister.

If you had to give your blog a face-lift what would you tweak(layout/content-wise):
put stuff on the bottom, or tabs on the top. but i dont know html


Darci said...

Why didn't we win? And I wish I knew what gave me the farts...

Andhari said...

I feel the same way about milk! It gives me tummyache too.. And anyhoo, I do like Rebecca Bloomwood ( confession of a shopaholic ) character too. Bubbly and funny and has good taste in clothes!