Wednesday, September 30, 2009

wah wahhhhhh...

so...remember those boots i wanted, that i just posted about? they're already gone. i swear it's like someone read my blog and then snatched them up for themselves. i was so sad (because i figured someday i would probably give in and buy them and suffer the consequences). now i want to find out who bought those and write a hate email! (k, not that hateful, but you know what i mean).

needless to say, i was kind of crushed. now i have to find a new pair of boots i can drool over.

i would write more, but i need to get my beauty sleep sometime soonish :]


Andhari said...

Ohhh I hate it when it happens! Hope you find a similar pair, if not hotter..

Whit said...

Jess, I love it when you post about clothes you like- I spend so much of my free time looking at clothes online- it's sad really, but it's also so enjoyable. I guarantee if I wish were rich, I would waste a lot of money on clothes.