Sunday, August 2, 2009

this weekend

so, this weekend my sister in law sarah had her baby, little Griffin. it was friday morning, and you can read about the craziness on her blog. :]

friday we went with joshs parents, my oldest niece and nephew, and jeff and darci to brick oven. they make delicious pizza (i would know, i used to work in the kitchen). we kind of eat there a lot...

[this picture is kind of blurry since i didnt have my flash on yet, sorry]

then, today i just couldnt wait for the invite anymore and asked to go see little Griffin :] he is SOOOOOOOOO adorable, it almost makes me want to have kids. i got to hold him for like an hour!!!
in his cool swing thing with heavy stuff to weigh it down haha


freakishly precious

this is what josh will look like as a father. i can picture it now. cute, no?

little lila cate was there, looking all adorable. she still doesnt like me. i have better hopes for griffin to get him on my side ;]


Andhari said...

Congrats for your sister in law and your brother! Griffin looks so adorable :)

Honeybee said...

So exciting! So cute, can't believe the story. You always hear about babies being born on the way to the hospital, but in the front seat of the minivan in the parking lot of the hospital...gotta love it! He will have a story like no others. You would be a great mom, but I am even more excited for you to wait until you are ready to have a pressure from me (seeing as you don't pressure me about when I am going to get married :) ).

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

cute pics, cutest kids! and COOL birthing story too (not that i'd want it to happen to me; knock on wood).