Friday, July 10, 2009

honey...we're HOME!! az part 1: the house

we spent a lovely week in arizona with my parents, the doggies, and beyonce. we drove down last friday, and came back today. my parents bought an awesome 2800 sq foot house in wittmann, az which is close to surprise (for any arizonians). it was fun to spend time there and help them set up house. so in order to present all the pictures in a [somewhat] organized fashion, i will separate them into different posts.

poncho and josh sleeping (at the resort we stayed in before fully moved in to the house)

it was my moms birthday on wednesday (the big 2-9!)

josh and emma

josh and poncho again haha sooo cute :]

our room, with that one wallpaper window i talked about haha [dont worry its coming down]

2nd guest bedroom

my moms craft room

looking into the dining area

master bedroom walk in closet (yes please!!)


[more posts coming soon i promise, but its past my bedtime now!!!]


Andhari said...

2800 sq feet? Sounds amazing, have fun decorating the place and happy birthday to your mom :)

The Blairs said...

Josh was wanting the spotlight I am guessing?

yours truly dear said...

when does josh not want the spotlight? ha ha ha