Sunday, May 24, 2009

outfit du jour, day 28 (yesterday) and good news♥

cardigan: mossimo (target)
pink shirt: downeast basics
yellow tank: banana republic
cords: aeropostale
flats: soda [i need to get some new shoes...]

[not sure what this is about? click here]

just a couple more days left. if i look cute today i'll do todays outfit. haha. its almost done!! im not gonna lie, its kind of hard to look cute and wear different clothes all the time. im so used to always wearing like a t-shirt, my favorite jeans, and flats.

also, HAPPY NEWS!!! my parents bought a house in arizona!! they are moving in 3 weeks. here is a picture of their new house!

cute, no? on the left that is the 3 car garage. you better believe my dad is excited about that!!! its from 2006, so its pretty nice and new! my mom described it as having "arches in all the right places." (as seen below)

the one problem about the house? see that weird mural-y looking thing to the right of the kitchen? thats wallpaper ha ha ha. its like this huge garden scene. its pretty funny. my mom's like "oh yeah, thats coming down right away!" she said there's one in the master bedroom too that is a window scene looking out on a lake with a fisherman haha. pretty funny :] who knew people could get so 'creative' with wallpaper, eh?

i am so excited/happy for my parents and i cant wait to go visit!!! we are going down for 4th of july and into the next week, and then we are seeing beyonce in pheonix! we're pumped! love you mom and dad!♥


Kimberly said...

Hey Jess and Josh! It was a real challenge trying to find a house by myself. In the back of my mind I kept hearing these voices--"make sure it has plenty of light"---"make sure it has a pool"--"i need a room for my loom". The real voice said"get the biggest garage money can buy, and forget the rest!" We love you guys, and thanks for the kind support about the new house. You never know that mural might just stay up. (Not!)

Love Dad

Liv said...

How fun to have your parents moving closer! Congrats to them :) Have fun visiting and seeing Beyonce!