Wednesday, June 24, 2009

looking back...

*This post is a part of 20SB’s Looking Back Blog Carnival, and Ben & Jerry’s is awarding free ice cream to lucky bloggers and readers!*

basically, 20 something bloggers is having a contest of sorts. i had to look back over the first 2 months of my blog and pick a post "that shows your mentality and outlook from the onset of your blog." the unfortunate thing? i found that most of my blogposts in the beginning were kind of boring. i mean, they had funny lines here and there, but i think now i am much better at blogging (at least, let's hope so...)

so here is the post i chose, from october 28, 2007.

you know the feeling..

pet peeve #1:

people feeling rushed. and people rushing me. you want to see me get pissed? rush me. i dare you..

pet peeve #2:

people who cannot handle homosexuality. its a real thing people. grow up. even if you don’t agree with it, does that automatically mean you have to be a jerk about it?? i love americas next top model [..i not so secretly want to be on that show]. i watch it alllll the time. when people come in and go “omg is he gay?? why are you watching this? gross!” i seriously just want to slap them. shut up and get out more please.

pet peeve #3:

bulimics. stop throwing up. youre still fat. and you are just ruining your esophagus.

pet peeve #4:

when people dont leave messages when they call you. i mean, if you want to talk to me enough that you call me, leave a freaking voicemail. its not that complicated.. you just wait for the beep..

pet peeve #5:

overboard immaturity. i understand immaturity. i am immature. however, i would like to think that i am smart about it. i know what situations i should be proper in. i know when people are just getting so annoyed its time to knock it off. i know that there are some people that you just need to watch yourself around. etc. when people are just too over the top, or just plain rude, that’s when i draw the line. its like they are permanently stuck in sixth grade. its quite a shame.

pet peeve #6:

when a movies previews make it look really funny, and then you watch it and hardly any of the funny parts are in the actual movie, and it makes you accidentally fall asleep. not so fun afterall.

this list could go on and on...but now i need to do homework and go to bed because, unfortunately, tomorrow is monday. which means im waking up at 645am. at least THE RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES ahhhhhhhhhhh. ok im good.

now why did i chose this post to show my "mentality and outlook" on this blog? because i'd like to think i am sassy, and funny. i think this post exemplifies both. especially by pet peeve #3... yes, i have changed some in this past [almost] two years. duh. but ive been told i am still sassy and funny (and josh has been told...ha ha ha). i think this post also kind of shows that i can be quite frank. its been something ive become more aware of since then..

anyways, there were just some lines in this post that made me laugh, so it is my selection. now wish me luck and hopefully i'll win something :]


me said...

I like! Do they have one of these for 30 somethings?

Liv said...

I think that's a great slice of your present personality! Isn't it horrible to look back on the really early posts? I dread so many of mine.

Oh well.

Darci said...

Hahahaha I love you.