Saturday, May 9, 2009

outfit du jour, day 24

[sorry i dont look very photogenic today...]

top: urban outfitters
black tank: not sure but maybe forever 21 (dont feel like looking right now...)
skinny jeans: truck jeans
black belt: pacific sunwear
black flats: soda

[not sure what this is about? click here]

i just want to say thanks for your positive comments on my outfit of the day posts, because sometimes i just picture people looking at my blog and going "ugh...this again?"

when i asked josh to take my picture just now he goes "how many more days do you have until you hit 30?" so anyways, thanks for putting up with it and thanks for leaving nice comments (i really appreciate it, and it makes me feel less dumb/silly)


Anonymous said...

ugh...this again?

Andhari said...

Screw any commenter, you look great. I love the jeans. I have a hard time wearing jeans maybe because I haven't found the perfect pair yet, the magic jeans lol