Tuesday, April 7, 2009

outfit du jour

sweater: Abercrombie (bought it years ago from the outlet store on sale)
t-shirt: Shade
tank top: Urban Outfitters
stretchy cords: Gap (coolest thing from Gap ever, 3 years ago, and i dont even really like gap clothes!)
flats: Soda (i have like 6 pairs of these shoes liv, its ok to have lots of different colors of the same shoe haha)

my hair looks weird in this picture but i didnt want to take another one. just imagine it not all on one side. also, at least i didnt wear the same jeans as yesterday which is a pretty good improvement haha.

off to study plants. tomorrow i have my lab final for my plant id class. it is over 150 plants. it will take 3 hours. wish me luck (i will need it!)


Liv said...

You make me want to paint my nails.

Cute outfit!

The Blairs said...

You're so adorable it makes me sick :)