Monday, April 27, 2009

outfit du jour, day 18

green shirt: boutique in SF
white vest: forever 21
key necklace: etsy
jeans: duh
brown heels: vintage

is this getting boring? does anyone even look at these outfit posts? haha.... oh dear.....

[ps: i look gross in this picture but josh assured me i look better in real life, guess you'll have to choose what you believe!]


ahe said...

I love your outfit of the day series. I look forward to it each day and it has inspired me to "shop" in my closet and I haven't looked quite so frumpy the past week or so.

liz stanley said...

fab! the shoes look great on you

yours truly dear said...

aww amy you are so nice. im glad not everyone is going "ughhh another one!?" and im sure you look cute all the time!

Liv said...

It's making me want to do this again (w/o posting) so I'll clean out my closet for spring!

yours truly dear said...

ooh liv--you can send anything you dont want my way!! hahaha :]