Wednesday, April 22, 2009

outfit du jour, day 14 (?)

top: volcom via pacific sunwear
pants: urban outfitters
flats: soda

side story:

i got my hair done today. it got botched. color wise. i said "i would like all over dark brown hair" to which they said "ok, we'll blend the roots to the color you have, so we will just match it." match it??? but whatever they are the pros so i let them do their thing.

almost 4 hours later... the girl starts blowdrying a little part of it and then goes "umm...i'll be right back"

so it turned out much lighter, and instead of looking like i have normal brown roots, it looks like i have some sort of auburn red roots. not. good. i had to reschedule for tomorrow to get it fixed. thats what i get for going to a hair school though, right?


Liv said...

Cute outfit, sad hair story!

It's never ever good when your stylist walks away in the middle of the job.

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

cute pants! i want them (more to the point, i want to be able to fit them...)