Sunday, April 19, 2009

happy sunday

gray shirt: shade
scarf: wet seal
skirt and belt: wet seal
shoes: forever young shoes

also, look what joshy got for me yesterday! he is so sweet :] he said they reminded him of me (which i agree, i do love the color purple), and now they are all beautiful on our table

i have to go study now, because i have 3 finals left. (yikes!) happy sunday!


Liz Canaan Roberts said...

hottie alert! i especially like the Britney accessory.

i can't wait til i can wear skirts like that again.

Liv said...

If we went to church together I'd be so intimidated! I'm in nursery now so I'm wearing flats to church. I miss my heels... but I don't want to puncture a child!!

Darci said...

Ugh. I thought I looked cute today. Thanks for making it obvious that I didn't.

yours truly dear said...

haha you are all silly. :] and you're all hotties yourself!