Wednesday, April 15, 2009

britney extravaganza

ok. so last night we went to the britney spears concert. [it was my christmas present if you remember.] so we left really early because it was raining out and we didnt want to get stuck in traffic. we arrived at the energy solutions arena around 6:35ish. we got awesome parking, and just ran across the street to go inside. there were some funny people attending. there was one chick with the tightest leather pants i have ever seen in my life. and i think all of the gay people living in the salt lake area were out as well. it was refreshing actually haha.

so we went in and went up to our seats. and i mean UP. we were in the nosebleed section. i was still excited though. i looked over and saw these girls with britney shirts on. i was like "aww, i want a britney shirt.' and we decided we were thirsty so we went out to get drinks. we got a sprite, and then i saw the tshirt stand. i went over to go check out the prices, and all of a sudden this dude taps josh on the shoulder and goes "hey, you might not remember me..." turns out it was someone he knew from his mission, who worked there. he goes, "hey, do you guys want floor tickets?" we looked at eachother and josh asked, "for free?" and he said yes. we shrugged and said sure. we thought it was the general admission floor part where we would be all squished and hot, but close. as we were contemplating whether we wanted to be squished or just sit, i was staring at the tickets. all of a sudden i saw the letters "VIP" on the ticket...

we decided that we would go and check it out and see if we really did have the better VIP section. so we went down, and the ushers looked at our tickets and went "oh, this way!" and pointed to the VIP ring. we looked at eachother and our eyes were huge. we were escorted down, and i kid you not, we were 3 feet away from the stage. all that was between us and the stage were these big comfy loveseats (which we looked at someones tickets and they were $500+). i was shaking i was so excited. we went from the nosebleed section to literally center (VIP) ring.

IT. WAS. AWESOME.our original view of the stage...

us down in VIP, that is the stage right behind us.

the stage up close and personal

look at the very top section, thats basically where we were sitting

here is a slideshow of the rest of the show pictures for your viewing pleasure. it was amazing and britney was fierce and the pussycat dolls were awesome. they sang really well and danced great. britneys show was entertaining and awesome. we made eye contact (not kidding) and i was like freaking out. do i sound like a crazy fan? we were in the section that tickets were originally $350+ so i'll blame it on that.

the end!


Alison + Brandon said...

That's awesome--sounds like a good time!

Liv said...

WHOA. totally amazing. i can't believe you got such great seats!

Honeybee said...

AAahhhh! That is so exciting! I can't believe you lucked out that much! Once I had front row seats to NSYNC back in the day. It is pretty awesome to be so close to your idols! So glad it was amazing! :)