Wednesday, March 11, 2009

letters, a series; part ii

dear boy in my class,
thanks for asking me what my natural hair color is and reminding me i need to dye my roots. and then asking if you hurt my feelings afterwards. no, you didnt hurt my feelings. yes, i will go get my hair done soon thanks.
your roots-showing classmate

dear ulcer,
please go away already. you make me feel disgusting and not want to get up in the mornings. you make it hard for me to wake up and go to school and work. somehow you are getting worse again. i do not appreciate it.
your #1 enemy

dear jeff and darci,
thank you thank you thank you for introducing us to noodles & co. we love it. and we might have eaten there tonight....and i might have their number saved in my phone....
yours truly,
your bffs

dear versace leather jacket,
i think i love you more than a person should love a material object.. which i realized when i walked to my lab this afternoon, feelin' fly. you are getting a little small on me though, and i think i could make quite a bit of money off of you. which is why {tear} i am considering selling you... i think i should sleep on it, maybe wearing you....{sniff sniff}
your perfect fit


Darci said...

hahaha this is why i love you! i think they put cocaine in everything at noodles...either that or cough syrup...:)

yours truly dear said... it! :] love you too darc