Friday, January 9, 2009

thank you josh, for:

-always loving me
-being on my side
-making me food when i dont feel good
-making sure i dont fall off the bed in the morning
-always being nice to me
-not holding it against me when im mean
-telling me the cat likes us both equally when he obviously likes josh more
-helping me to study more
-telling me im pretty even when im not
-getting me tissues when i cry
-laughing at me when i get mascara all over the pillow when i cry
-keeping me level headed
-letting me drive to school
-seeing my side in situations
-marrying me
-being hot
-always watching movies with me
-being awesome.

i love you ♥


Jimmy Dawson said...


The Blairs said...

Damn you Jimmy Dawson, you are everywhere.

The Blairs said...
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The Blairs said...

puke =)

yours truly said...

jimmy dawson, that was rude. everyone else, you know it was sweet. the end.

Whitney said...

aw, that was just adorable. good job josh