Thursday, December 11, 2008

ho ho ho from the scrooge...

ok, so i'm a total scrooge. i never want to decorate for christmas at all. i didnt even realize josh wanted a tree until the other day when someone asked us if we were getting a tree and i said no at the same time he said yes. haha. then i was like oh.....ok.

so then yesterday i come home from school and right in front of our door is a big christmas tree. i was like whaaaat. then i had to kind of move it to get in, while trying not to knock it over on myself. so after i got in and all situated, i went out and brought the tree in. here is a picture of it (the before):

a little sad looking. i called josh and was like "ummm....there is a tree here. i dont know what to do with it and the cat is going crazy." jay-z was seriously going cuckoo. he kept sneaking under it and then pawing at the boughs and then using the trunk as a scratching post. i was worried it would fall over on top of him and then he really would get a broken arm.

so josh finally got home from school, and we started to fix it up. i've never had a fake tree before, so i really didn't know what to do. so we fixed it up and redid the lights on it and now its really snazzy. i only accidentally knocked it over once and almost smushed the cat, and myself. [it was an accident!] here is the beautiful tree (the after):

if our computer had been working, i would have even put christmas music on. this is practically unheard of, since i think christmas music is only appropriate on christmas, or if you're caroling or something. so...moral of the story kind of getting into christmas. no, you wont be seeing any wreaths on my door or snowmen things around the house, but we do have a tree.

yes, you should be proud of us (

and yes, we need ornaments now. i bought 2 cute ones at this craft fair thing the other day. here is a picture of how they look on the tree. yes, its slightly bare, but still cute, right? in case you cant tell from my ghetto camera, its 2 glittery starts, pink and purple.

we need to go to walmart and get some more ornaments. and no, you wont hear me singing christmas songs anytime soon so dont get your hopes up too much. ok, the end.

ps, thanks mom and dad mikel for dropping the tree off :]


Liz Canaan Roberts said...

ha ha, that tree is awesome! it makes me laugh that Josh wanted one and you didn't; sounds familiar.

well, i hope you guys (including Jay-Z) have a very merry first x-mas!

Liv said...

Yay for trees!