Sunday, December 7, 2008

goal #3 --- good progress

3. cook more real food (not just mac n cheese or frozen chicken everynight)

so my cooking obviously hasnt been top chef worthy, but i really am trying to be better. a few weeks ago i made the whole pizza, salad, macaroni grill bread meal, and then last week i made alfredo (courtesy of wildtree) multiple times because joshy and i loved it [seen below].

this is the alfredo extraordinaire. delish. come over and i'll make you some.

then yesterday i used my new crockpot (thank you sarah and ryan!!) and made cream cheese chicken w/rice. yuuuuuuuummy!!! so yes, i have been working on this goal, and i think its been going well. ask josh tho to make sure haha. :]


david and christina said...

can i get the recipe for the cream cheese chicken and rice?

Liv said...

YAY for you!!

yours truly said...

2 cans chicken broth, 1 packet italian seasoning, and chicken in the crockpot for 4-6 hours on high. then take out chicken, add 8oz cream cheese and whisk it. then put chicken back, serve over rice. yummm :]