Friday, September 12, 2008


my schedule this semester is cRRaZZZyyy!!! i currently hate school. not much surprise there, ive never liked it, but yeah. im taking 15 credits:

-Science of Biology
-Intro to the Major
-Rangeland vegetation measurements
-Techniques of Wildlife Investigation and Management
-Watershed Management
-Forest Management and Ecology
-The New Testament

oh, and working 2 jobs: being a TA, and gluing plants (total of 20 hours/week)

everything is just boring and long. im at school every day from 8am to 5pm, with maybe a total of 4 hour long breaks in the entire week put together. i bring lunch and eat it during class or work. i have FOUR labs. its crazy! crazy!!

anyways, im really not trying to be all whiney and annoying. i just felt like explaining why i might come off as grouchy sometimes haha. and now everyone knows all my classes so i dont have to repeat them anymore and forget about half of them etc etc etc

on a happier note, we have a new tv. its awesome!!!


The Blairs said...

I hate school too. Your classes sound very hard.

You should've seen Sunny going to preschool today. She looked totally adorable and was so sweet. I'm not biased or anything, but she's the cutest and smartest, and sweetest in her class!

Darci said...

So... I totally know how you feel. I feel so stressed out and hating school at the moment, but I do love my classes still. I just hate the whole concept of school though. Anyway, I want to see your TV!