Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the past...

i was just blog stalking and found a blog of an old friendship (gone bad). it really made me think of how i was even just a couple years ago, and how i am now. that friendship ended because i was blamed as "having changed." and because of this, it was basically torture in my own apartment, until i decided to move (and pay 2 rents for 4 months).

here are some ways in which i think ive changed...
1. i am more mature (most of the time)
2. i am much more involved in the church and i am strong in the gospel
3. i know what i want in my future
4. i get better grades
5. i have a husband and a cat. the perfect family.

anyways, i know i shouldnt care anymore, but being mistreated so badly for no apparent reason by someone that was so close to you is hard to shrug off. its not like i think about it or bring it up all the time, but sometimes-like just now, somehow it resurfaces. i guess i just need to forgive and forget for good. i love everyone involved in my life right now, which im very grateful for.

thanks to all of my good friends for helping me become who i am now. ♥

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