Monday, May 12, 2008

also, for anyone who heard about the flower fiasco..

this is how it all went down:

the bouquet i received, which cost over 70 bucks and was nothing like i wanted..

the bouquet that was made in 10 minutes, cost 30 bucks, and was exactly what i wanted

beautiful, no?
ok, sorry for that post, but i just finished writing an angry email to the flower guy and it got me mad all over again. so i just wanted to make it a bit more clear how awful it was. the end.

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Bree said...

not to be a creepy stalker or something, but I was perusing Dustin Todd's blog and decided that I'm IN LOVE with your wedding dress and I'm pretty sure it's exactly what I want. I'm ultra picky and never see anything I like that much. where is it from?

haha... please don't think I'm insane!