Monday, May 12, 2008


hi. we are married. we had a wonderful wedding and we were soo happy to see all of our family and friends. we love you guys. i dont like to be too mushy but i really do feel blessed to be a member of the mikel family.

we had a great time in california. on friday we even went to disney land, which was fun!! i hadnt been since i was 4, so that was neat. we came home saturday night (after driving all day!), and then on sunday we had a present-opening party. it was awesome. i love presents!!!

now joshua is off at work and in southern utah until friday. so im playing the part as the housewife. basically i miss him like whoa, and i cant wait to start my job.

to look at pictures of the wedding and reception, i put 2 links up under my photo albums!!! go look!


Darci said...

Yay you're married! And you looked BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy for you guys! If you are ever too bored while Josh is gone, just call me up, we will bring your more ice cream.

Liv Taylor said...

Love your photos. Congrats again!!