Thursday, February 21, 2008

tag ... im it?

livia tagged me, so i have to report everything thats in my bag. i have my schoolbag with me though, so i have quite a bit of crap... liv is right tho, this will keep me nice and occupied during work!

Let me see... its my volcom school bag:
+animal diversity binder
+plant classification book
+spiral notebook (environotes, made from 100%recycled paper!)
+articles from tuesdays newspaper about byu and the environment
+planet earth geology cd
+byu housing guide
+scripture journal
+our engagement proofs (i need to remember to take those out before they get bent!)
+my agenda (its purple. i love it.)
+fruitbreezers cough drops
+house key, on my monster key chain

+5 different colors of post-its
+a bazillion pens/highlighters, etc
+victoria secret beauty rush lip gloss
+mary kay lipstick
+burts bees chapstick
+3 unfinished packs of gum
+2 things of lotion: olay and mary kay
+MAC powder compact
+smores luna bar
+can of mountain dew
+some reeses left over from my valentine candy
+cell phone
+urban outfitters green wallet

wow i have a lot of stuff. thats school for you!


Liv Taylor said...

YUM luna bars!! i used to DEVOUR those in high school. so good.
oh and ps the pics you added the other day are super amazingly cute!! you guys are just cute. so freakin cute.

Honeybee said...

You fit all that in your Volcom school bag? Can we call you Mary Poppins? WOW! I did not know that your bag could carry that much!

yours truly said...

seriously...i have issues. i have way too much stuff, and i pack it all in.