Wednesday, February 20, 2008

new discovery of the week

ok, so everyone probably already knows about this, but it is a mostly recent discovery of mine, that has brought much added happiness to my work life. I had heard of pandora before, and that it streams music or whatever. ok, i checked it out this week, amazing!! you can create your own 'radio station' basically, and you type in an artist you like, and then they play music from them, and other artists that have a similar sound. you can mark whether you like it or not, which affects the types of music they keep picking for you. has made work a lot better. its kind of dangerous though, because ive never listened to some of this music and i just want to get up and dance around. ill also have to be careful with my itunes account not to go crazy from getting all these songs haha.

in other news, kfc is gross. i went with joshua yesterday and got chicken strips. ew. ive had much better, and they were kind of expensive for what it was. lets just say its another fast food place on the x list. others included are mcdonalds, burger king, taco bell, and carls jr. call me the fast food nazi if you want, but all those places are just gross and are only good for clogging your arteries. and i admit i havent been the healthiest eater lately, but these just draw the line.

also today, i wrote a letter to the editor about how byu isnt as good at recycling and helping the environment as they say they are. (there was an article in the paper yesterday making byu out to be some recycling haven or something).. take that, punks.

anyways, theres my speel for the day. back to dancing around in my chair and eating cinnamon bread. i like work.


Liv Taylor said...

here's something else you can do at work- i got bag tagged and now i'm tagging you.
just read my post from today for explanation :)

The Blairs said...

Not Taco Bell :(((((((((( I've gotten food poisioning from there like 4 times and I keep going back. I can't help it, I love dog meat tacos. In all fairness though all the food poisionings happened in Crestview.