Friday, February 8, 2008

i have a stalker

so today i left my class, and started walking towards work. i get a call, and someone says: where are you?
i said: getting to work where are you?
they said: in a secret place...

i keep walking..

stalker: you aren't to work yet
me: how do you know that?
stalker: umm.. well you said you were walking to work..
me: weirdo
stalker: actually, i see you
me: what!? where are you? what is going on?

i look around, confused..

stalker: haha now youre spinning around, youre going to fall soon, you cant see me hahaha

i stop..glance around..

stalker: turn around and walk the other way

i start walking in the direction i came from...
i look over to the bookstore, and who do i see staring at me from behind a pillar???

haha ok it was joshua. i knew it all along. but just so everyone knows now, joshua is a stalker.

the end.


Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

Josh loves prank calls!! Good thing it was him, otherwise I would have been super freaked out!

Honeybee said...

That is the best story! It was freaky until you said it was Josh...he would be your stalker:)

The Blairs said...

Make Josh post something new on his blog. It is driving me nuts!!

Juji said...

Yeah it was me...i'm not afraid to shank people either...beware!!!