Monday, January 14, 2008

TGIF, yeah right...

so saturday it was our friend benjamin's birthday. we had fun, it was a lovely evening, etc. i had a great time. our only mistake was choosing tgifridays as our restaurant of choice.

i was feeling something simple, debating between fish and chips or chicken caesar salad. i picked the salad. bad choice. not only am i never going to TGIFridays ever again, im also never picking a salad as a meal over anything else. ever. again.

the salad was just ok, there was like no dressing, i asked the server for some, and about 15 minutes later i got some extra dressing. and ate my salad. a few hours later, i started to feel a little nauseas. (or however you spell that word). i figured i just had an upset stomach or something, and i went to bed.

sunday morning. wake up. feel like crap. throw up repeatedly.

TGIFridays anyone? never again!

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Carterfam said...

That's sad Jess! My bad experience from TGIFriday's consisted of me leaving my retainer there, wrapped up in a napkin...which meant I got to dig through their garbage can of left over food and napkins, etc until I found my retainer. I think I soaked it in denture cleaner for like 2 days.