Thursday, January 10, 2008


so far i have been flossing EVERY SINGLE DAY! yeahh! plus, i exercised today. it was the first time ive worked out this semester, so i definately need to work on that, but oh well. for another resolution id really like to get As in all my classes, but who knows how realistic that is. im taking some hard classes (such as animal diversity and plant classification). this semester will probably be crazy, but i can do it. im taking 16 credit hours and im working 20 hours a week. yikes!

on another note, i really like this picture:

one day in ecology i was eating animal crackers (the good kind, w/frosting) and one of them looked like a heart. we put in on my notebook and joshua wrote i and u. its one of my favorite pictures.


Carterfam said...

That's an awesome picture!!! I like it...artistic and sentimental (well, for you guys at least). I think it'd make a good poster. Too cool to be a t-shirt though. That'd ruin it. Oh, and if I remember correctly, I had animal diversity--who's your teacher? I did okay and didn't reallly try.

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

cheesey for me to say: you guys are so cute! But it's true! I just love love!