Saturday, November 17, 2007


ew ..
today was cleaning checks. and as much as cleaning checks suck in general, we needed it. my house is really ghetto and old, and my roomates are filthy. and my room was on the messy side anyways, as usual. so last night and then this morning i cleaned my room. and then today for THREE hours i cleaned my kitchen. i organized all the drawers/cabinets, and cleaned them, washed the insides and out, washed the walls around the sink/stove area, did all the dishes, cleaned out the nasty dry dock, attempted to clean out the nasty microwave that i swear has never been cleaned, and then wash the floor. it was so gross. the whole time i just wanted to barf. sick. and then my roomate pilar (shes from venezuala) had the job of cleaning out the fridge. she was cleaning it, and all of the sudden she started laughing and went "omg jess come look at this!!!" at first i didnt know what she was pointing to. then i looked again, and saw the above-pictured sight. somehow, an egg was practically glued to the inside back wall of our fridge. it was stuck onto the back. pilar had to take a knife and chip it off. it was open, and the inside was all gross and petrified looking. sooo sick. a little funny, but still pretty gross. we were both like how in the world did that even happen!??

anyways, thats the adventure for the day. now i have to go study all day. and turn in my recycling. and make delicious cookies. andddddd i will be in MAINE on wednesday and i am sooo stoked!!!! the end.

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Carterfam said...

That's crazy! I've seen eggs stuck to the egg rack, but the back of the wall--that's new for me! Awesome.