Thursday, October 25, 2007

the worst kind of boring

i love spinny desk chairs. whoever invented them is a true genius. i finished all the crap i had to do at work and now im just sitting here twirling from side to side, listening to the unicorns on my ipod, and debating whether i want to go home early or stay and make the 21 bucks id get by doing so. janet is chilling at her desk too, listening to some bbc show about vampires or something. she just laughed so loud im surprised no one came over and told her to shut up.

at this point im not even pretending to be busy. sometimes my job is so pointless. i mean, sure its important, but it isn't enough work to fill up 20 hours a week. last week i was so bored that my boss made me shred an entire cardboard box full of paper. sure shredding is fun, if you have maybe a couple papers. but sitting there with a huge box on your lap feeding paper into the jaws of death for an hour or two straight is no picnic. and when you switch the garbage bags white dust gets everywhere. i try to breath in through my nose during this step of the process, so i can walk out looking as much like a coke whore as possible.

today i was sitting in art history and i realized that i really like art history. i mean before i always wanted to be an art teacher. just think about it--you know id be a cool art teacher. i wanted to teach in middle school. anyways, thats beside the point. im saving the world now with my current major. history class... i took like 5 pages of notes in an hour and 15 minute class, and i was like hmmmmmmm. ive taken art history 201 and 202. maybe i could minor in art history as well as geology. sometimes i just think im a lot smarter than i am and i have these random thoughts. i need to stop this. im already going to be in school foreverrr as it is. if i have to stretch school out by one more semester, then maybe i will throw in an art history minor. then ill be pretty well rounded..right?

ughhh this guy mike just walked past my desk and told me i smell good. i was like well duh. after he walked away i was explaining to janet about how i hate that kid. he winks at me everyday. and he's married. and he always talks to me and is wicked annoying. and he calls me jessie. i want to shoot him.

i just have one question...why do you wink at people?
common reasons:
1. you say something funny
2. play a joke on someone and wink at a conspiracer
3. you think they are sexy
4. you have something in your eye

all i have to say is that mike has never said anything funny to me. some things he says im sure he thinks are funny but obviously im not amused. mike has never played a joke on someone and had me as a conspiracer. i would never get in on a joke with that moron. and sure, i'm sexy, but if you have a wife at home you dont wink at young girls for being attractive. [disclaimer...i dont really think im that sexy, but im just using it as some sort of logical explanation]. and yeah, i doubt mike just happens to have something in his eye everytime he walks past me. one of these days i should just slap him.

now ive started dancing around..this is getting bad. good thing my boss isnt here. i think she might be dead. she hasnt been in all week. and now, after writing this thoroughly boring blog, i think im going to leave. at this point id only stay for 2 more hours, which is like 14 bucks. oh my bad, 15. before taxes.. i think ill pass.


Cam Williams said...

I'm actually jealous. Whenever we have nothing to do in my office, the lady I work with invents some horribly idiotic thing for me to do. Sometimes it's even stuff that we're not supposed to do. I wish I were allowed to sit around and spin in my chair making money. We should switch jobs or something.

By the way, which office does this mike guy work in? I'd like to laugh at him. Unless mike is code for "Cam" in which case I would feel bad laughing. I don't think I've ever winked at you though. Anyway, longest comment ever...

yours truly said...

well see it used to be that way. now im stuck in the back in no mans land, and i have a new boss, who is new at being a boss, and not very good at assigning bad things to do all that often. its pretty refreshing. so lately, since we are sooo slow, i just kind of do whatever i want. you can come down and work with us if you want. ill go upstairs and make your boss work for her money haha.

and yeah, mike is code for cam. ha. no he works for admissions mail. next time you come down to my office (which i swear you never do since i havent seen you in forever, which means you are probably avoiding me) just look around the mail room for an annoying looking guy. thats him.

and THAT, is the longest comment ever. booya.