Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flashback: Henry turned TWO!

On December 15th, my little baby turned two years old. WHAT THE HECK!?! I just can hardly believe that he is already two. I love Henry to pieces, and although we try each others' patience sometimes, I am completely obsessed with him. He still loves Elmo, so I decided to throw an Elmo themed party. And at the time, his favorite foods were zzaa-zzaa (pizza) and ah-kee's (cookies).

the invitation :)
I checked out the Dollar Store to look for Elmo balloons, and I completely lucked out. They didn't have any hanging on their display wall so I got a little nervous, but then I asked someone and they found a whole stash. I got ten. (Which, funny enough, was the same price I could have paid to get ONE Elmo balloon at Sesame Street Live!).

they were a big hit
I made Henry a Happy Birthday banner. And wow...that took forever. It seems so simple, yet took SO LONG! I'm keeping it and totally plan on using it for future birthdays. Because for real, it was pretty labor intensive haha.

I got Sesame Street stickers and decorated party hats because I couldn't find a store that sold Elmo party supplies... Doesn't Walmart know that Elmo is still huge, and parents don't want to do anything?! Get with the program, peeps!!

he didn't like the hats so much...
Mimi and Bear came to town for the weekend to celebrate. We loved having them here, and they got him a big Hug Me Elmo. It talks, sings, and gives hugs. Which means it's inherently a little bit creepy, but Henry loved it ;)
see the fear in George's eyes? toys that talk on their own are totally freaky ;)
Some of our friends were able to make it to the party as well, and Henry got spoiled with toys. IN FACT, I think I've decided I'm never buying Henry a birthday present ever again. He got SO MANY toys that it was kind of insane. I think Josh's head might have exploded from the OCD-induced panic that comes along with a house overrun with toys. (Totally joking...sort of...). Henry was having so much fun playing with all his new toys that we decided just to give him a couple small presents from us, and keep the bigger ones for Christmas. He didn't even notice the difference.

New shopping cart. New vacuum. Ready to go!

We had to force him to open each new toy, since he was still busy playing with the last one. #toddlerproblems
Overall, the party was a really fun time. We had pizza (obviously), lots of cookies, and a cookie birthday cake. Because it was Bear's birthday weekend too, we also had a second birthday cookie cake for him too :) We really like our cookies around here!

birthday collage!
His birthday party was a great time, and Henry had an absolute blast! Thanks to everyone who helped make it so awesome! And a big thanks to my mom who came up and visited the weekend before, since she couldn't come for his birthday weekend. :)

On December 17 we went to the pediatrician for Henry's two year appointment. Here are his stats:
Weight: 28.4 lbs -- 56%
Height: 35.5" -- 79%

We love you so much Henry! It is so fun to see you grow up and learn and explore. Happy second birthday!

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