Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flashback: Thanksgiving vacation

Thanksgiving was awesome. Our dear friends Emily and Dave came out to visit us from Ohio!! We hadn't seen them for a year, which felt like an eternity. Obviously they just need to come live in our house so we never have to be separated again ;) This post is definitely the short version of everything. I lost a lot of my pictures from my phone recently, so these are all pictures pulled from Instagram (and some stolen from Emily!).

To start our vacation, Josh and I drove up north so we could party at Josh's parents' house. Once again, I got out of cooking Thanksgiving dinner (woot woot!)!! Emily and Dave drove from the airport to meet us so we could all enjoy a lovely meal together.A big thanks to Mimi and Bear for hosting us all! :)

Road trippin up north!

Mary is so nice and cooked the entire meal for us. Josh had to help ...prepare... the turkey. And it was hilarious.

"Just grab it right there, and pull!!"

After all the fun/festivities/fabulous meal, we hung out for a bit and then made the journey back home. That night we played games and caught up. George played some video games too ;)

Thumbs are tasty
Our vacation consisted a lot of hanging out, eating food, and holding babies. With some park-playing, football watching, and more eating thrown in there. We had so much fun with Emily and Dave, and we were SO HAPPY they could come visit. Dave played videographer the whole time, and made the best video ever made in the history of ever. I'm trying to upload it to youtube, so we'll see if that works out... Because it sums up our entire vacation perfectly.

I swear George actually liked him... haha
Henry's favorite part of Aunty Em and Uncle Davey's visit was probably watching videos of their dog Finn on their phones. "Doggy? Doggy?" And asking them for snacks, obvi.

Aunty Em!
George's favorite part was all the snuggles and extra attention he got. Such a spoiled baby!

sleepy time!
We love having such amazing people in our lives who are so sweet and loving to our kids. We're very lucky to have such wonderful friends :) Also while they were here, Emily was nice enough to take family pictures for us. I will have them up in my next post!! She's the bestesttttttt! 


Everyone was sad when Emily and Dave had to leave. I may have cried a little bit. And I did not want to ever let go of Emily. Speaking of Emily, she tried to stuff Henry in her suitcase. We told her to return him when he was potty trained.

Like I said, this is a very condensed version of a fabulous vacation. To sum it all up? IT WAS SO FUN!!! We have missed these crazy kids so much, and it was almost surreal that they were actually here! Thank you Emily and Dave for making the trip, and making our Thanksgiving break absolutely amazing. We love you and miss you. Now please come live in our compound. Thanks ;)

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